This operation led by the Ogic group includes 138 housing units, 8600 m² of offices, a social residence for young workers, a cultural center, coworking spaces and shops. The whole was carried out by the agencies SUD Architectes, ITAR Architectures and Wilmotte & Associés.

It is within the framework of the regeneration and development project of the Part-Dieu district in Lyon that this program was born. Coming out of the ground at the beginning of 2022, it is intended to be multifunctional. Multifunctional because it is an attractive island of life day and night, where offices, leisure activities, shops and private apartments intersect and where generations intermingle. This is also the whole point of this project: to create social diversity and bring residents back to the heart of the Part-Dieu district with a mixed programme. 

On the architectural side, the materials used create a form of unity and dialogue between the buildings. The use of stone-coloured concrete for the housing volumes and the frame of the base of the three programs create a harmony of color, also present by the common implementation of aluminum joinery in stone gray color (wood/aluminium in housing). 

The office building is easily recognizable thanks to its staggered structure and its two superimposed blocks, the lower part of which is in greige concrete and the upper part in a black metal structure. 

Yet another proof that architecture is a vector of social diversity! 


Visuals ©: Sergio Grazia


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