ALUCOBOND® is launching the new premium anodized range in France. A first to offer architects real anodized surfaces that stand out for their high resistance properties over time and a unique visual appearance. 

A top-of-the-range version for architecture, a “haute couture dress” to adorn buildings. This palette is made with real natural anodization: an electrolytic oxidation of aluminum that refines the material thanks to a protective oxide coating that will be colored in a second step. 

This technique has the effect of a natural anti-corrosion treatment and therefore a longer lifespan. Anodizing also increases the hardness of the surface, making it an ally against surface scratches while maintaining a unique and elegant aesthetic appearance. 

The protection increases with the thickness of the anodizing layer. To guarantee a level of quality worthy of the ALUCOBOND® product, the highest anodizing thickness, namely 25 microns, is used and offers the best surface treatment by anodizing. 

Thanks to this process, the surface aspects of the facades gain in depth and expression to enhance the natural aesthetics of the aluminium. They are improved, embellished and protected from time and corrosion and the colors retain their intensity for a long time. 

All ALUCOBOND® premium anodized surfaces are available as ALUCOBOND® PLUS and meet the requirements of DIN 17611 for outdoor applications. 

To offer numerous architectural and design possibilities, the premium anodized range comes in three natural anodizing series in smooth, brushed or structured versions, available in a palette of light and dark, metallic, gold and copper shades.


To learn more, visit the Alucobond site.


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