Focus on the Branch House: a house located in the hills of Montecito, California, in the middle of an old oak forest. Following the wishes of its art-loving master builders, TOLO Architecture developed the house as a group of pavilions arranged in relation to each other, open and airy, in direct connection with nature.

Eight building bodies are spread over the land, floating above the ground. The further inside the property one goes, the more private the spaces become: from public areas like the living room, dining room and kitchen to bedrooms and bathrooms, office and separate workshop. 

A glass path also serves as a private art gallery and connects the different volumes. What seems random follows a system: the passage of the sun, the position of the trees and the desired use. The different angles and shapes of the glazed facades and the interconnected copper shingle roofs also respond to the wish to have a perspective view of the landscape and, through the roof windows, of the sky.

The interior layout is deliberately pared down: polished concrete flooring, simple veneer surfaces and understated white walls provide a neutral backdrop for the master builders' art collection. Blue, pink and yellow tiles set the tone in the kitchen and bathrooms. 

Their open and multidimensional spatial geometries give the colored surfaces a different atmosphere depending on the time of day and the season. In the open kitchen, the light makes its way from the ceiling and falls directly on the large kitchen island, whose worktop incorporates two sinks of different sizes.

Here is an exceptional house in the heart of nature signed TOLO Architecture.


Visuals ©: David Hartwell Photography




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