Here is an eco-responsible project that came out of the ground in Nantes in June 2021. That same year, it was selected as a “remarkable operation” by the National Federation of HLM Cooperative Societies. This federation brings together 165 HLM cooperatives in France and rewards the quality of the construction and the particularly innovative approach to participatory housing. 

Protecting the environment while being a vector of social ties: these are the key words of this innovative operation. It is in this perspective that the architectural firm TICA worked on the development of this project which was the subject of ten workshops with the future inhabitants in order to clearly identify their expectations. 

These sessions were supervised by the firm Wigwam, which worked in close collaboration with the project managers and clients as well as with the inhabitants and the architects to bring out this collaborative project. This process took six months. 

The goal was to draw the outline of the project with the residents pre-selected on social criteria, to define their needs, particularly with regard to shared spaces. 

Concretely how did it happen? The future residents worked from Lego models to imagine what the project would ultimately look like, especially in terms of shared spaces to create a consensus around the shape the village would take. For their part, the architects have thought about how to satisfy everyone in relation to their wishes (spatial configuration, opposite, etc.). 

This is how the project began to emerge. The village is made up of apartments and small houses, designed using biosourced materials. The structures are made from concrete structures wrapped in wood and filled with straw. For this part of the project, a Vendée company was selected. 

It was supplied by local players located within a radius of 50 km around the operation, guaranteeing the use of quality and local materials!

Another proof that architecture can be a great vector of social bond while being responsible.


Visuals ©: Emilie Gravoveille


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