Committed to a responsible construction approach, Maisons Berval has been the only builder certified NF High Environmental Quality in Île-de-France for 20 years. The “Maison Terre” project, awarded the special jury prize at the Innovative Housing Challenge, perfectly illustrates Maisons Berval's commitment to a renewed vision of the housing of tomorrow.

Maison Terre is the meeting of modernity and authenticity.

The project comes from a series called "5 elements" which incorporates natural inputs as much as possible - light, vegetation, water, air, heat - and optimizes the strengths of each element: concrete, brick, steel, wood and earth. It is a contemporary house with a flat roof exploiting the ancestral material of the earth often neglected in individual constructions. Flat-roofed houses are among the trends that are very popular with buyers of new homes. However, the models are few and rarely original, most are alike with a simple arrangement of materials and colors without much originality.

The Maison Terre model is particularly innovative and stands out for its modern design and original layout of the space: the house extends over 150 m2 and has up to 5 bedrooms, it highlights the light and the volumes in a comfortable and innovative space. The exterior architecture is harmonious and timeless while being resolutely modern, which creates a building with a clean and balanced appearance. The facades are dressed in raw earth, which recalls traditional know-how and marks the singularity of the model. The combination of modern architecture and design from the noble and natural material of the earth gives this house a remarkable look.

Maison Terre was awarded the special jury prize for the innovative habitat challenge in 2021. 


Visuals ©: Maisons Berval


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