Here is a bridge that stands out from the many other bridges at Gulou Waterfront Resort. Indeed, to revitalize the traditional rural culture, LUO studio adopted natural wood materials to build an arch bridge. Its construction was completed in January 2022.

The resort offers access to small fishing boats as well as large tour boats. The bridge has been designed to allow them to pass safely under the structure. Based on the geological studies, the span of the bridge was set at 25,2 m. Through structural calculations and construction analysis, LUO studio used three large curved beams as the main structural components, which are arranged parallel to each other. With full consideration of manufacturing and transportation costs, each main beam was split into three sections at suitable positions, connected and assembled by steel-reinforced bolts on site, to form the complete wooden beam.

The ridge is located in the common area between a dense traditional commercial street and a children's recreation area. The LUO studio has therefore created a relatively "closed" corridor on the wooden bridge, which differentiates it from other open landscape structures in the station. Objective: to accentuate the transition between the "practical" area of ​​commercial street and the relatively "dreamy" children's recreation area, allowing visitors to experience a kind of ceremonial moving process.

This project also inherits the construction wisdom of the old covered bridges. The corridor reinforces the overall structural stability and protects the arched wooden structure below from exposure to sun and rain.

The western region of the Pearl River Delta, where the structure is located, experiences heavy rainfall, so the corridor was constructed in a relatively closed form. The exterior of the hallway space is covered with layers of metal plates, which effectively protect it from rain and create a sense of cohesion for the space.


Visuals ©: Jin Weiqi



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