The hotel, located in Yixing City on a hill adjacent to the shore of Yun Lake, was originally a closed office building. Due to its unique location, the owners wanted to turn it into a boutique hotel to promote the local tourism industry. Studio DOTCOF carried out this renovation project, which was completed at the beginning of the year.

The site has an unobstructed view of a magnificent natural environment, where in the distance, landscapes of mountains and lakes emerge. Nearby, the building benefits from lush vegetation, offering calm and relaxation to visitors: significant assets that needed to be highlighted. Thus, the structure of the site (originally relatively closed) has been completely redesigned.

In order to allow customers to take greater advantage of the landscape, Studio DOTCOF has created spaces in constant dialogue with the natural environment of the place.

Part of the corridor has been opened up to make it a semi-outdoor walkway, allowing customers to freely enter the inner courtyard. Then, inspired by the characteristics of the landscape of the site, the exterior walls were opened, in particular with long transverse windows, square, hollow holes... The landscape and the sunlight can now penetrate into the building. 

Each room has a balcony large enough for guests to take a bath, drink tea, experience the trees up close, and enjoy the sunlight and air.

The selected materials: solid wood, sandstone, brick, rattan mats... are used in different areas of the space. Thus, nature penetrates the place from side to side, in a constant dialogue. 

Studio DOTCOF realizes here an achievement imbued with calm and serenity.


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