Work on the new Maison des Compagnons du Devoir et du Tour de France has begun and will be completed in the 3rd quarter of 2023. On Friday May 6, 2022, the symbolic first stone of the building was laid at La Jallère, in Bordeaux… 

A first stone laid in the presence of the contracting authorities 3F Résidences and the Compagnons du Devoir and the Tour de France, as well as institutional representatives of the State: the Region, the Department, the Metropolis and the City of Bordeaux, who co - subsidize the project. 

Winners of the 2020 design and construction competition, Atelier Téqui Architectes and the company GTM Bâtiment Aquitaine will carry out ambitious work to restructure and extend an old office building for 18 months. They will eventually allow the reception of 500 apprentices and 400 employees in training. 

Initially located rue Laroche in the heart of the city of Bordeaux, the old Center no longer corresponded to the development needs of the reception capacity. 3F Résidences and the Association des Compagnons then launched the project to move the building to a former Unedic office building from the 70s, within the ZAC de la Jallère, a sparse peripheral district in the northeast of Bordeaux. 

The plot is occupied by two buildings: a reception pavilion to be demolished, and a large volume that will be restructured and extended to accommodate housing and common areas. A new building will also be built to house the workshops and classrooms.

The entire operation is part of an exemplary sustainable development approach. It will meet the RT 2012 -10% and will be certified NF Habitat HQE (extension part). The project aims at level E3C2, with in particular a wood-fired boiler for heating and domestic hot water. 

The program will also respect a high biotope coefficient thanks to reasoned soil sealing. Rainwater management will be applied with the installation of infiltration valleys, a retention basin, and the revegetation of all the roof terraces. The Douglas wood used will come from the forests of New Aquitaine.

Thus, the operation is fully in line with the approach of the “Bâtiment frugal bordelais” label. 


Visuals ©: Atelier Téqui Architectes



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