It is in the lower parts of the Saint-Pierre church, on the Le Corbusier site that this exhibition was born, as part of the XNUMXth Saint-Etienne International Design Biennial. Thus, six micro-architectures will invest the cereal land of the site, at the end of the summer. The goal ? Questioning our relationship to comfort, inviting us to discover a “utopian architecture”. 

At the origin of this project, Jonathan Omar and Lionel Dinis Salazar, designers who explain: “The idea is to reinterpret Le Corbusier's cabanon, and adapt it to current issues. We have therefore outsourced the elements of comfort: where we eat, warm places…” Six structures were born. 

A cabanon (living area), a hut (hot spot where we meet in community), “the source”, a collector of water from dew and mist which is used to recover water for the rest of during the day, a stress relief area with a punching bag that surrounds a tree and dumbbells made of salt stones (originally used for cattle), an observation post: structure in height we come lie down in a catamaran net with a view of the stars; and finally, the project proposes a revisit of the LC4 chair by Le corbusier: the idea here is to come and sunbathe in order to take advantage of the outdoor space. They are currently in showrooms and will settle in the fields at the end of the summer.

Sensitive to environmental issues, the designers wanted to create: "From materials at hand: straw, straw wool, wood...we come to make shelters with these materials. The land invested is that of the field in fallow period. But with intensive agriculture, we end up with a depletion of the soil and too intensive treatments. We are part of this questioning there. We create dwellings with the least possible footprint on the ground, " they explain to us.

The idea is that everyone can come and experiment with these micro-architectures, for the moment at the prototype stage.

This design is part of an experimental “minimal habitat” approach, that is to say the idea of ​​doing more with less, of questioning our relationship to comfort.

It is within the framework of the International Biennale of 2022 that this exhibition was born, two other exhibitions of the Biennale highlight the issue of habitat in its most minimal form. An issue that is more topical than ever with global warming, and which is pushing us to change our vision of housing. Ready to experiment? See you until January 15, 2023 on the Le Corbusier site in Saint-Etienne.


Visuals Ⓒ: Alexandrario



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