It was in 2021, in Braga, Portugal, that this resolutely contemporary and bright house was born. 

This private residence could be considered the very definition of modernity. 

The exterior challenges with its cubic shape, made from two main materials: wood and cement. Two products, which once assembled, are definitely made for each other! 

Large bay windows generously let in sunlight, creating a bright and warm atmosphere inside this 350 m² residence. The interior of the house precisely takes up the codes of the exterior, where the wood on the ceiling and the cement on the wall combine to blend into the space, reinforcing the cozy side of the whole. 

The steps reveal a high ceiling, which connects the upper floor via suspended stairs, using the same wood used for the house envelope.

On the first level, the watchword was to create continuity with the ground floor. 

This game between continuity and transition thus allows natural light to disperse in the horizontal planes, both on the floor and on the ceiling, converging between the social and leisure spaces.

A beautiful realization signed AM-arqstudio!


Visuals ©: Ivo Tavares Studio


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