Inspired by the organic housing plans of ancient Indian towns and villages, this project was developed for the staff of a cement factory in Raipur. 

It is on a plot of 2,8 hectares that this work was born. The Shree Town is home to mid-rise buildings offering 72 studios, 48 ​​two-bedroom apartments and 48 three-bedroom apartments. Each building is designed with sheltered open courtyards and naturally ventilated circulation spaces separated by gardens. 

All apartments have been designed with recessed windows and cross ventilation to limit heat gain in a city where temperatures remain above 35°C eight months of the year…

At the aesthetic level, color plays a major role in the project. Namely, that in India, bright hues are an integral part of traditional festivals, clothing, ornaments, housing or even gastronomy. Hence the choice of tones that are, to say the least, original. 

Inside, the colors are more neutral to allow occupants to make their own choices.

In addition, the project is also equipped with a water recovery system.

Shree Town, a sustainable operation by Sanjay Puri Architects.




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