Each Tropical Space project is subject to three main influences: sculpture, climate, and love of nature. The architectural style of the firm is inspired by sculptural forms and simple forms, like this house, in permanent dialogue with the outside.

Located in an urban renewal area near a river in Da Nang, Vietnam, this residence signed Tropical Space combines three different blocks on a square plan. 

The visit starts with a cubic ground floor, formed by rectangular brick walls. 

The upper floors serve as living space for the family living in the building, where the balconies enlarge the interior spaces, in a constant dialogue with nature.

Outside the house, the gardens are the favorite areas for children. They alternate with other functional spaces such as the dining room, bedroom and living room. In this building, the interaction with nature constitutes the epicenter of architectural creation, and even a philosophy: interacting with nature allows us to feel it and thus, to respect it. 

A residence built around the love of life, by Tropical Space.


Visuals ©: Oki Hiroyuki 


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