Amélia Tavella, who received the 2016 Young Woman Architect award and recently elevated to the rank of Knight in the National Order of Merit, has just been honored with a prestigious international award for her new sensitive project on her native island, Corsica, “Rebirth of the Convent of Saint Francis in Saint Lucia of Tallano”. 

The young architect received from the hands of a jury of experts, in Wuppertal in Germany, the 1st Prize - TECU Architecture Award, on the initiative of KME, the world's leading manufacturer of architectural copper products.

KME constantly takes up the challenge of an innovative approach with architects and democratizes the use of copper in the design of modern buildings. 

The 2022 TECU Architecture Award honors, once again, exceptional projects from all countries. These buildings have in common the fact that they make exemplary use of the wide application possibilities of copper, in an innovative architectural concept. 

An international jury of experts met to arbitrate the fate of more than 70 projects from four continents. Only 3 of them were honored during the official ceremony on June 17th. On this occasion, the jury revealed that they appreciated the poetic use of copper through the audacious, just and romantic architecture of the rehabilitation project of the Couvent Saint-François. 

The Couvent Saint-François, built in 1492, classified as a historical monument, partially in ruins, was dormant. The young architect had to rebuild it without separating from the vestiges of the past. It now exists in two scenes. The first restored from the original imprint, the second, phantom, destroyed, wears a copper, sparkling, magical dress which attaches to the stone like a graft which transmits the lost force, encrusting itself with the original structure and magnifying the sacred. 

The copper acts delicately and captures the light that the stone lacked. He nourishes her, her and the tree that has grown inside her, the hidden spine of an untouchable place that her loving architect, Amelia Tavella, Corsican child and woman, has resuscitated and celebrated, with unceasing awareness that the monks watched his gesture from beyond.

Without betraying, the architect followed his own specifications: passion for his island, respect for history. 


Visuals ©: Thibaut Dini  


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