In this house, the inhabited space is revealed through the views that unfold according to the winds and tides, like a living postcard. It is in the capture of these moments that the project emerges, where each new fragment of architecture fits and dances in its context.

Anchored on the edge of the beach on a dune in the south of the Ile de Ré, located on the west coast of France, this traditional house opens entirely onto the ocean. Rich in a very strong context, the challenge of this renovation was to create a new living environment based on an aging existing building, but one with incredible potential. 

The owners wanted to renovate this house to make it more suited to their way of life, more comfortable and above all in keeping with their tastes. The renovation involves a total refurbishment of the interior and a redefinition of the openings to the outside.

The link between the interior and the exterior is at the heart of the project, it is a founding element that completely modifies the apprehension of the inhabited space. The interior fittings have been thought out in such a way as to create new identities for these spaces, but also to establish privileged relations with the exterior.

It is a question of carrying out a work of sequences delimited and underlined by the implementation of wood in contrast with the mineral ground. These materials establish a common thread between the different rooms of the house and a continuity with the exterior.

This house has been designed to live for two and remain just as pleasant and relaxing when it welcomes the whole family.


Visuals ©: Mickaël Martins Afonso


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