Presented at the Monaco Yacht Show, the giant yacht designed by Hermès in association with the Italian manufacturer Wally pushes the limits of luxury by offering original architecture.

At 58 meters long and 38 meters wide, this yacht the size of three impresses. Too large to enter the port of Saint-Tropez, it can accommodate 12 passengers and 20 crew members. On 3 square meters of living space, the "Why 400" offers in particular a master suite of 58 square meters with a private terrace of the same area, a 200-meter swimming pool, three decks, a gym, a spa, a helipad but also three patios including one planted with a tree. An original detail, usually more common in villas than in boats, however luxurious they are. The "Why 25" flirts in fact ostensibly with architecture in the first sense of the term. With its lines, its terraces, its interior spaces, the ship takes on the appearance of an exceptional house. Owner of Wally, specialist in "exclusive" yachts, Luca Bassani even specifies "My dream was that of a floating island". Mainly intended for private use, the "Why 58" could also be available as a cruise ship or a floating hotel with 58 rooms.

Its form unusual guarantees "Why 58" high stability at sea, at the expense of cruising. Powered by a diesel-electric engine with its hybrique 900 square meters of solar panels, "Why 58" ceiling effect in 14 knots. It will be available at a price range to 60 100 million euros according to the desired adjustments by the customer.

For more information on this yacht, visit Why Yachts.

Source: Le Figaro

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