With presentations by projects such as its stunning scenery, this exhibition shows the influence of digital technologies on contemporary architectural design.

"Flux: Architecture in a Parametric Landscape" is an exhibition designed by the California Department of Architecture College of Arts in San Francisco (CCA Architecture) and its research laboratory Medialab.





After being used as a simple representation tool, IT is now central to our ways of thinking. Parametric models, various simulations, integration of manufacturing in the early sketches, architectural design has in recent years 20 major developments and bearing many promises.




Coordinated by Andrew Kudless, architect, teacher and director of Medialab, the exhibition "Flux: Architecture in a parametric landscape" presents 50 architectural projects, prospective or built, illustrating the impact of digital tools on design as well as their potential . Designed precisely according to these processes, the complex and undulating structure on which the projects are presented also testifies to the possibilities offered by parametric models and by digital fabrication.












Photo credits: Kory Bieg and Andy Payne




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