KLAR was asked to design a house for two generations that would be made of wood, durable and easy to build, in part even by the customers themselves.

Located at the southern end of the village of Rybí, in the Moravian-Silesian region, the construction site is bounded by the local stream and the fence of the neighboring property. This is a substantial plot of land, but with a considerably reduced buildable area. The shape of the future home is in fact largely predetermined by the minimum setbacks required from existing underground gas storage tanks and the edge of the forest.

Sloping gently to the southeast, the site offers picturesque views of the surrounding pastures, woods and village houses. The access road crosses the stream at the lowest point of the site and there is a small pathside cross with a simple bench. This location is accessible to the public despite being on customers' property. For centuries it was part of the Stations of the Cross from Nový Jičín to Štramberk.

The construction program should include a house for a family of four and a separate unit for the grandparents. 

There are almost no neighboring buildings around this pristine site, only two houses standing nearby. The rest of the village is a mix of individual single-family homes from different eras. 

Two elongated volumes with sloping roofs are joined at an angle and placed on the edge of the buildable area, defined by the setbacks. At first glance, this form may seem reminiscent of the typical small one-story house in the Beskydy region with a sloping roof. The two-wing solution works well to separate the family home and the future second-generation home. A private south-facing courtyard is formed inside the corner, shielded from the north and overlooking a nearby forest. Shaded by the roof overhang, a wide terrace stretching the length of the house connects it to the courtyard, offering endless opportunities to relax listening to the trickling water and rustling leaves.


Visuals ©: Vaclav Novak


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