The “Learning Center” at the University of Saint-Gall in Switzerland was designed and developed by the architecture firm Sou Fujimoto atelier Paris. 

Here, the spatiality of the structure unfolds vertically over four floors. He takes the curves of the Saint-Gallen landscape as a reference to bring out a building that knows how to dialogue with its environment.

The clear and visible structure, thanks to its primary elements - columns, beams, ceilings - makes the carrying effect of the spatial concept legible for visitors and students.

But the view alone does not yet reveal all the secrets of the place… Thus, the floating spiral staircase that connects the floors projecting into the atrium is a key architectural element of the project. 

In the atrium, moreover, the layout of the stairs reinforces the feeling of space and makes a walk through this new building of the University of St. Gallen a unique experience...


Visuals ©: Iwan Baan, Chris Mansfield, Maris Mezulis



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