Located in Lutry/Lausanne in Switzerland, Studio Julia Christ is an architecture and design office specializing in public spaces and the hospitality sectors. He offers strong and assumed concepts, with a proven attention to detail, from the work of volumes to the choice of materials, through the creation of tailor-made furniture and visual identity.

In an ultra-competitive industry, each new concept is designed to arouse curiosity and build customer loyalty. A graduate of HEAD – Geneva in Interior Architecture, Julia Christ has been designing memorable atmospheres since 2012 – cafes, restaurants, cultural venues, concept stores, university campuses... – promoting exchanges and encounters. In a holistic approach, architectural design and branding complement each other to give an extra soul to each space. 

Nominated for the Restaurant & Bar Design Awards in 2017 and 2019 in London, his interiors have gained international attention in recent years. A guest professor at HEAD – Geneva, the interior designer transmits her passion and expertise to students and participates in numerous juries, including recently the Prix de l'Excellence.

Entering the world of Studio Julia Christ means traveling through a maelstrom of colors, materials, shapes and textures that subtly occupy space and tell a story, stories. First of all respecting the past of the place and immersing himself in existing elements, the interior designer from São Paulo, established in Switzerland since 2008, imagines new tailor-made living environments, pleasant, functional and friendly. . She favors traditional techniques and materials, harmoniously combines iconic and new design pieces, and collaborates with artists to create unique, always colorful interiors.







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