At the start of this Milanese project signed by the Noa studio, a research on the meaning, use and characteristics of a XNUMXst century library. Studio Noa thus imagined the place as a center of creativity, aiming to update a stimulating environment to free the mind and acquire new knowledge.

As prerogatives, leave room for a relaxed and quiet atmosphere and give visitors the possibility of moving in a hybrid environment that generates new ideas, where the border between interior and exterior is blurred.

Therefore, the design of a complex architectural structure was accompanied by the creation of a natural landscape, which permeates all spaces. The organic wave of the roof, the stylistic signature of the library, unexpectedly shelters a flourishing park. 

In total, the building has nine floors: the main one is located on the first level, where a winding promenade allows its complete crossing.

Access to the outside, a natural extension of the interior spaces, is provided on each floor. The 200-person circular study room that vertically closes the building offers a 360° view of Milan.

To reach it, you go up in a one-of-a-kind elevator, a veritable tower of books... Through this astonishing landscape of books of all kinds in motion, the highest point of the library is reached.

Thus, visitors really have the impression of climbing a tree after crossing a lush garden. And it's no coincidence, since what inspired the team of architects is the Garden of Eden, where the tree of knowledge of good and evil grows. The biblical episode linked to it is perhaps one of the stories that philosophers have drawn the most inspiration from when depicting humanity. 


Visuals ©: Dima Visualization

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