Rašovka's family home is located south of Ještěd Hill, Czech Republic, at an altitude of 600 m above sea level, with a magnificent view of the Bohemian Paradise landscape.

The view and the adaptability of the interior spaces and the landscape were one of the main motives of the design process of the house. The surface is open, passable, dominated by flowery and unfenced meadows. The plan of the rectangular house of approximately 22,5 x 7 m is oriented along the contour line. On the north side of the property, there is a road on top of an embankment to which the house must have connected. 

Part of the building's land is converted into a car park, intended for parking vehicles. The ground floor and the main part of the garden are then 4,5 m below road level. Much of the building is covered with a gable roof with a variable pitch ranging from 43° to 30° on the east side. The slender part of the house fits diagonally into the steep slope of the road, and the hill seems to descend into the garden.

The main entrance is on the west side. Access is via an external staircase along a stone wall covered with climbing plants. The otherwise compact structure of the house is completely open on the east side, and its all-glass wall stands at an angle to the outline of the house. This maximizes the view area and creates a covered patio. The terrace joins the south side, where there is another opening of the house, which extends over the entire height of the floor. All other living areas on the ground floor, including the bathroom, also open to the landscape through glazed openings on the south side.

“The interior layout of the house with the internal layout of the rooms was thought out before the house itself,” says Iveta Zachariášová, interior designer and co-author of the entire project, including the interior. "Thanks to my many years of experience, many things and functional aspects were clear to me from the start, and we mainly dealt with their alignment with the structure of the house and the opening of the house on the environment by glass walls. The light, the space, the cleanliness of the interior and the moderate use of colors led me mainly to the Konsepti and Ligne Roset studios, which are the basis of the interior design."



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