On the occasion of Paris Design Week, this exhibition aims to build bridges between design and new forms of digital art. D3SIGN CAPSULE projects the world of decoration into a digital future, with collections created in tandem by an architect-designer and a digital artist.

The “Romance” exhibition brings together images from the series “Le Sacre du Temps” and “Adorazione”. It will be composed of a set of images, contemplative and silent paintings, evoking the sacred in the romantic encounter. Refined architectures, suspended time, love rituals, these two sets offer a sensitive and poetic moment.

Since his accession to the presidency of the IMA, Jack Lang has undertaken to highlight the thousand and one facets of Arab culture: the richness of its history, the plurality of its traditions, the diversity of its spiritual heritage, the creativity of its artists and inventors.

The Galerie du Passage hosts the exhibition Promenons-nous by Marie Hugo. Through around thirty canvases and around ten large totems, the artist offers a stroll through nature throughout the seasons. With her works created especially for this exhibition Marie Hugo delivers her personal vision of the forest and its undergrowth. 

A place of enchanting wonder of childhood, the forest is also an inexhaustible source of scientific discoveries but it has recently become, alas, the place in which global warming is most dramatically expressed with the explosion in the number of fires. this summer.
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