Solo Projects aims to highlight the plastic works of architects, favoring the experience of the work over traditional drawings and models. For its third exhibition, the gallery presents the works of the Dutch architect Anne Holtrop, inspired by the kingdom of Barheïn where he officiates today.

Sculptor and photographer based in New York, Petros Chrisostomou combines life-size objects with miniature spaces. It creates incongruous architectural relationships that transform public areas into surreal universe. His sculptures are photographed by him and offer to curious eyes a wacky confrontation between scales.

A swarm of flies above creates a pair of a black shoe silhouette appears human. Zapatos that Rompen el silencio, shoes that break the silence, is the work of Antonio Paucar, a Peruvian artist living and working in Berlin. His work seems to evoke impermanence through own reflexes to the sublime: the fascination and fear or horror.

Since 2006, the artist Victor Enrich working on his project City Portrait through several rounds. From original photographs of city fragments, it digitally creates an architectural illusion. Throughout his travels, Enrich uses the project to become familiar with new cities and new spaces. It explores their limits, and into the heart of their architecture.

A Valletta in Malta, a pavilion took place not far from the docks and beaches in the city. Accessible only to swim or boat, artificial and isolated island with a timeless poetry invites to idleness and contemplation from a place built flush with water.

Chinese artist born in Quindao, Quie Minye experimented for his series of photographs My God the lightpainting. Ephemeral features of his design were captured by the lens of his camera. The result is a series of characters, animals and dreamlike forms. A sweet dream made real by the impression of light to the confines of his apparatus, a technical process which allows to preserve the memory.

On the occasion of the four-day festival New Generations, Genoa in Italy, a workshop led by Edward Cabay and Margherita Del Grosso has created a work inspired by the architecture and shipbuilding.

A temporary facility bamboo was carried out in the heart of the grounds of the campus of Macao. The use of bamboo reintroduced an ancient material closer to the people while adapting to contemporary urban uses.

The temporary installation by SOFTlab to the Flatiron District adds poetry in this area of ​​Manhattan through the use of materials which reflects and multiplies the surrounding architecture.

The fold was able, in the great history of the creation of man, solve many geometric equations, architectural or aesthetic. Rich finesse and elegance of this New Art Pli explores and presents art that always has to teach us. Written with love and fascination with this technique the fold, its three authors, present in the heart of the book a veritable pantheon of this common art in multiple disciplines.
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