After propelling OneMizer's urban art into the NFT sphere with "The Shining Vandalized Lugia" and "90's vibes", two dazzlingly successful collections, SECR3T, a new player on the digital art market, announces the launch of its third collaboration with the artist. The upload will be unveiled soon on Discord SECR3T x OneMizer.    

In the current context of economic, social and environmental crisis, artists can use their arts as a powerful vector of expression and communication. An invisible but impactful link and all the more interesting to develop... Of course, they continue to create, to express their sensitivity and to work on their techniques, but other perspectives remain to be explored.

Communication through evidence. Such is the creed of the new living fresco which is displayed on the 3m² of the ORLY 375 facade. Its originality lies in its evolving nature: deliberately unfinished on the day of its installation, it will take on color over the actions initiated by the airport to decarbonize its activities and preserve biodiversity. The stated objective is ambitious: carbon neutrality by 4.

The new application developed by the Frac Île-de-France, "Sors de ta reserve!" », was launched on May 9, 2022. Thanks to this new tool allowing the public to appropriate the collection (more than 2000 works to discover), nearly 250 users have already created an account to choose a work, so that it is exhibited in the central spaces of the Reserves, the new Frac site in Romainville.

In Montreal, Avenue du Mont-Royal presents until September 5, 2022, between Chambord and De Lanaudière streets, a singular collective exhibition with powerful images and words, born during the pandemic. It was in 2020, when we were confined and with the desire to leave its walls that Shoot Studio's desire was born to create a collective project, to bring together a group of creators from various disciplines wanting to highlight this period outside the common by offering a visual universe imbued with "feeling" and "meditation" on our society and the period we live. 

Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, millions of civilians have fled their country to protect their lives and those of their families. Among them, artists. From the meeting between Anjou Théâtre, Alexander Koblykov and Charlotte de la Breteque (both circus artists) was born the idea of ​​welcoming Ukrainian artists who were looking to flee their country or, because they were touring internationally at the beginning of the conflict, could not return there.

The Journey to Interior exhibition highlights the unalterable links between French interior architecture and the decorative and plastic arts. His successful collection, unveiled at the 60th Milan Furniture Fair, will be revealed in Paris from June 22 to July 20. 
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