The Italian artist Loris Cecchini works from the walls. It simulates shapes and objects, abstract or more figurative way to the surface thereof. Part of his Extruding Bodies series played between waves and waves and danced materials. Its facilities give the impression that the vibrations propagate inside the usually inert walls.

An ink stain on a white shirt, balanced matches or eggs in free fall ... In eternal experimenter, Kyle Bean imagine scenes of impending footprints of delicate violence disasters.  

In collaboration with MoMA PS1, Katharina Grosse invests in an abandoned building in Rockaway, amid the sand dunes of the New yokaise coast. Under the emblematic sprays German artist, ruin becomes canvas is adorned with a thousand colors and so enjoys a new and final life.

Originally from Maryland, Nicholas Alan Cope is an unclassifiable photographer, capturing the world, the city, nature or fashion with an enigmatic eye. Endowed with specific identities and evocative atmospheres, Cope's series are often surprising, sometimes terrifying, always captivating, like his portraits of architecture, origami of stone and light.  

Since 2012, the journey to Nantes introduced the art in the heart of the city in which it depicts the rich heritage and culture. On installations in exhibitions, the journey to Nantes invites everyone to discover and rediscover Nantes along a sensitive and poetic way.

The City of Fashion and Design welcomes PLAY !, an innovative and interdisciplinary exhibition that places the game in the heart creative practice. Twenty artists, designers, photographers, architects, filmmakers and artists unveil their own games for moments of surprise, emotion or questioning, full of correctness and impertinence.

The summer exhibition at the Pavillon de l'Arsenal plunges you into a journey to discover the Sequanian emerged parts of the river. From its source on the plateau of Langres to its estuary between Honfleur and Le Havre, its islands to discover the heart of a flexible set design suggesting the island curves.

Near the nature park of Yellowstone, the Tippet Rise Art Center hosts art and musical performances at the heart of thousands of hectares of unspoilt nature. Architects and designers, including Ensamble studio, are regularly invited to invest the new experiences park where art marry, architecture and landscape.

Monitoring of current creation and photographic practices, the Rencontres d'Arles will open the 4 July. Dedicated to Michel Tournier, cofounder of Encounters with the photographer Lucien Clergue and curator Jean-Maurice Rouquette, that 47ème edition invests the city and its region with a resolutely turned towards cinema eclectic, pop culture and documentary and distant photography.
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