Composed by Sven Jonke, Christoph Katzler and Nikola Radeljkovic, the collective of artists and sculptors "Numen / For Use" imagined installation "Tuft". Presented in Zurich, it appears like a primitive cave to

Graphic designer and photographer in New York, Kim Steinhilber walks his eyes and observes the details of everyday life, capture and abstract context, revealing

Based in Bucharest, the Romanian Nicoleta Moses photographer travels the cities and photography landscape and urban details. Between photography and graphic study, work

In San Francisco, the New York artist Mark Reigelman came graft a small wooden shack on a bare, blank facade, between two buildings. Attached to the side of the Hotel Des Arts, overlooking the restaurant "Le Central", the construction initiates

In the village of Jaujac in Ardeche, the visual Marseille Gaëlle Villedary directed "Red Carpet", a temporary installation made from 168 lawn rollers. A grass strip over 400 meters and crosses the village, winding through the streets, public space paths, asphalt and cement, as a resurgence of life, a

Artist and designer, Bastien Carré makes us discover the installation "The Fairy Tipsy". Composed of bright spots in space, it evokes the erratic trajectory of an imaginary fairy. Between light and sculpture, this "Lumigraphie" as he calls himself, is made up of LEDs soldered by hand on a

A space A Glass House, a place of creation and exchange dedicated to glass and innovation, designer Kazuhiro Yamanaka completed the "Sound Cloud" facility Saazs and Quantum Glass. Mixing glass, light and sound, this creation composed of audio 5 glass monoliths invites

Marion Tivital painted industrial landscapes, plants, silos or gas stations, construction of concrete embedded in the mist. Traces and prints in nature, abstract volumes are lost in a thick fog and animate

Nilsson and Chiglien Gallery is currently exhibiting the creations of Japanese artist Harumi Nakashima. Of ceramics covered with blue dots, sculptural forms, organic and tortured, monstrous and poetic to the

Sean McGinnis creates spatial installations and strings son of colors. Artist and sculptor, he draws shapes, abstract and graphic objects, floating, suspended and stretched into space. His last installation "Somewhere over the rainbow" will be visible
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