The monumental drawings of Katy Ann Gilmore represent valleys and mountains in three dimensions on a plan designed space. Through his works, the artist questions the distortions occurring between the representation in two and three dimensions.

The personal exhibition of the artist Christopher Chiappa at Kate Werble Gallery in New York presents 7000 eggs plastered flat with stunning realism that invade picture rails and floor of every room of the gallery. The exhibition is on view until January 9.

Asymptote is a series of photographs illustrating the daily offset manner during the former socialist regime installed in Slovakia to offer a new look, criticized contemporary way, this period.

Last month, the Italian Tommaso Garavini invested Pavilion Rome Film Festival Out Door, which took place from November 1 28 to 2015er. This artist made the plural space of part layout of the pavilion where nature thrives by keys.

The work of street art that spans 400m along railway starting from the Rosa Parks Station in Paris will be inaugurated on December 19 2015. The Forum-Wall is a project funded through the participatory budget of the City of Paris which aims to revitalize the area through this space for free expression created by and for the citizens.

From December 16 2015, the Centre Pompidou in Paris will host a major retrospective dedicated to Anselm Kiefer. Extended by exposure of his books-sculptures at the National Library of France, these two exhibits fully reflect the monumental this major contemporary artist work.

Of naked men silhouettes-size bright blue found themselves more or less submerged in the lake Montsouris park in the 14ème arrondissement. Installing Pedro Marzorati that drives the basin is present in the framework of the COP21 until 15 December. She poetically illustrates the theme of the rising waters due to global warming.

Co-organized by the IMA - Arab World Institute - and the MEP - European House of Photography, the event unfolds on 8 places either side of the Seine around these two great institutions. From November 11 17 2016 January, presented the works of contemporary photographers 50 operating since the early 2000 years, and in the Arab world.

Ice Watch The installation of the Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson located on the Pantheon Square in Paris was created on the occasion of the COP21 with real blocks that are detached from the Greenland glacier.

Within the lounge Solutions COP21 which runs from the 4 11 December at the Grand Palais and the designer French artist Alexis Tricoire Presents its New World plant installation that offrecomme a host sas and awareness for visitors to COP21 Solutions.
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