The artist Anne-Laure House travels through the cities and observes the buildings and their windows lit at night. In his photo series "Pictures of intimacy," she reveals the lives, stories and spaces behind the facades and are given to see since

At the Chic Art Fair 2011, Bernard Chauveau Editeur presented these elegant blown and cut glass lamps created by designer David Dubois and co-edited with the CIAV, Center international d'art vitrier de Meisenthal. They consist of a body in blown and tinted glass in which

"Photochromic" is a suspension thermoformed glass designed by John Slater and published by the Index of Design Gallery. It is composed of colored glass pieces and hot formed of a fluorescent tube. Placed on the tube, such as linen suspended on a wire, glass pieces

"Broken White Cube" by Didier Faustino is a nomadic base whose dimensions are modeled on that of the pallet to transport it. This lacquered wooden cube consists of two forms complex reliefs which fit together one inside the other. With handles, they separate to reveal

Imagined by designer Amaury Poudray, "Messages" is a secret box made up of a ceramic container and three glass bottles which can each receive a secret. Amaury Poudray specifies that "Messages" allows you to get rid of a secret by writing it on a paper then

Perched at the top of the Pic du Capucin, in the Sancy massif, Cardinal is an ephemeral work created by Marion Robert and Laurent Gongora for the Horizons festival. Visible from June to September 2011, this in situ installation caps and emphasizes the relief of its

The designers Luzinterruptus us discover their latest installation titled "Recycling Sunday" and conducted in Warsaw. To familiarize the citizens of the city with the color code used internationally for waste separation, Luzinterruptus realized this scenography from 1000 garbage bags

For the Biennale de Bourges, the Raum architecture firm has designed the installation "La Ville Molle" in partnership with the FRAC Centre, Bourges and ENSA The Box. In this installation in urban areas, the blocks are mounted on a flexible structure and buried, they form a soft, shifting ground, sinking and

Invited by Arts Affairs, the artist Anne-Laure House was conducted in the premises of Niort Group Matelsom installation Contact. In the workspace, it materialized the lines of contact between employees with bright pink stripes, thus highlighting the communication between employees and

To Nod-A, promoting innovation agency and digital design, architecture Coudamy Paul imagined the Cabinet of Curiosities Digital, a nomadic exhibition system, removable and adaptable. Shaped stylized tree, the installation
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