20.08.12 Brian Rea: Utapia Installation

The Californian artist Brian Rea has made this mural creation in tape in collaboration with Nicholas Blechman and students Sahre, Victore, Wilker New York ADC design workshop.

26.07.12 Sunghee Lee: Panels

Born in South Korea, Lee Sunghee photographer lives and works in Arles.

25.07.12 Rasmus Norlander: Photographs

Based in Zürich, the artist Rasmus Norlander photography of urban and natural landscapes.

24.07.12 Stay Frosty: Dive In

freelance art director and photographer Patrick Hahne alias "Stay Frosty" is walking from San Francisco to Cuba via Cape Town.

23.07.12 Tracy Featherstone: Wearable Sculptures

The artist Tracy Featherstone imagines portable sculptures made of pieces of wood.

23.07.12 Mel Nguyen: Painting Studies

Artist and designer based in Minneapolis, Mel Nguyen created experimental works inspired by the world of painting.

20.07.12 The Collective of the Range: First Snow

For its 7ème edition, the Festival of Lively Architecture in Montpellier hosts the Laval University in Quebec represented by the Collective of the Range.

19.07.12 Adam Scales, Pierre Berthelimeau, Paul Van Den Berg: Reframe

In 2012 edition of the Festival of Lively Architecture in Montpellier, architects Adam Scales, Pierre Berthelimeau, Paul Van Den Berg imagined installation "Reframe".

30.05.12 Giuseppe Morando and Arianna Russo: Circus Open

Architects Giuseppe Morando and Arianna Russo unveil "Circus Open", their latest plastic experiments. Between art, design and architecture, these micro-architectures prototypes are hand made from ceramic, enamel and nets packaging recycled.

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