Malaysian artist and architect based in Kuala Lumpur, Jung Ong has integrated a light installation dodecahedron embodying an almost spontaneous and fleeting appearance at the heart of an unfinished building. A plant-like stars whose branches seem to have pierced the heavy and gray floors of this stripped architecture.

The COP21 held in Paris, is not confined to Bourget, it will leave its mark in Paris. The Grand Palais opens transformed into an exhibition space called The Experience Climate 4 10 in December. Many artists will present their perspectives on the environment with works directly related to this universal subject and become urgent, lectures and debates are also planned accompanied by clear and accessible desired exposures.

The Joy of Living exhibition being held at the Palais des Beaux-Arts de Lille until mid-January plunges us into a world of colorful and soothing cheerfulness through a wide selection of works presented in a expography inviting to delectation.

Until January 17 2016, La Maison Rouge presents an atypical work laminated glass that fills the space of the courtyard of the Paris foundation. The installation by French artist Baptiste Debombourg seems to flow into this space and occupy its plasticity halfway between the solid and dislocated.

The French artist Didier Faustino installed a stage offered to the public expression in front of the Architectural Association in Bedford Square in London. He wants his work to encourage spontaneity of public speaking.

Kengo Kuma & associates unveiled their latest project for the Philippe Gravier gallery in Paris. Yure is a pavilion that evokes the nomadic habitat and seems to move in the wind while playing with its form on the border between art and architecture.

The recent opening of the Museum of Man after six years of work and one of the major events of this 2015 September. The exhibition Chronicles of a renaissance traces the long journey to the museum reopened to the public through a making of immersive renovations.

The 22 October the West-Flanders Delta Light company, has inaugurated a new wing of its manufacturing facilities in Moorsele in Belgium. Bow of the new building, room ceremonial impressive volume has been offered for a few months at a facility of the Flemish artist Tom Dekyvere. A tangle of cable and light weaves a web evoking networks and their importance in the world today.

Rich McCor was lucky in recent months to travel to several countries in Europe. He photographed lighthouses monuments encountered during his travels, while seeking to divert a fresh and light with the aid of small carvings made on the job.
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