Phillip Van photographer shows us this series of photographs taken a few weeks ago in Manhattan, as a result of Hurricane Sandy.

Regular urban installations, the artist Aurélie Slonina present ten of his last works on the occasion of his solo exhibition "Vegetal #1 Invader" at the Galerie Jeune Création.

From December 2 2012 Italian street artist Solo will present his work at the Paris gallery Rue de Beauce with the exhibition "Heroes can not win solo."

With their latest art installation, designers and performers protesters Luzinterruptus transforms election leaflets in small boats bright paper they are sailing in a Madrid street on a river of water and detergent flowing drains, as so many false promises sailing to oblivion.

Ningtiendo Sehgah and Mikail Mitmalka graphic design studio Khuan + KTron collaborate with "The Good Life" magazine for which they imagined these urban illustrations naive and stylized.

On the occasion of the week of Architecture of Madrid, the designer Noa Haim this installation "Spaceship Heart". CentroCentro exposed to this multifaceted sculpture consists of 400 cardboard modules.

Icelandic designer Siggi Eggertsson illustrates the diversity of landscapes of his native country, urban and natural views represented between figuration and abstraction.

The exhibition "Speed ​​Safety Comfort" retraces posters 40 the desire to escape and travel born in 20 years with the democratization of modern transportation. From private collections, will be presented from October 13 2012 to the design gallery-Zeitlos Berlin.

21 until December, the Carpenters Workshop Gallery invites us to discover the retrospective of London designers artists Random International. Entitled "Before The Rain", this exhibition traces the career of these versatile creative, presenting key works at the intersection of art and applied art, questioning the interaction between people, objects and technology.

Parisian gallery Rue de Beauce is organizing an exhibition showcasing the work of artist Shepard Fairey, known under the nickname of Obey. In collaboration with the Roman gallery Mondo Bizzarro, the exhibition presents a series of numbered serigraphs and conducted between 2006 and 2012.
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