08.09.10 Transforming a facade with an iPhone

Developed by the Universities of Saarbrücken and Munich, the project "iRis" can transform and animate the facade of the ARS Electronica building in Linz, Austria. An augmented reality experience controlled by a single smartphone with a

01.09.10 Rain by Stacee Kalmanovsky

In her installation "Rain", the Belarusian artist Stacee Kalmanovsky suspends fine droplets of glass to the son of nylon. Fell from the sky, this shower graphic and poetic seems frozen in time.

20.07.10 MetAvatar by Pierre Laurent

Architect and artist member of the collective 3rS, Peter Lawrence has made the installation "MetAvatar" in the festival Horizons 2010, in the Massif du Sancy in the Auvergne. A stylized cave OSB wood panels, a contemporary reinterpretation of original habitat.

15.07.10 Cathedral by Sean McGinnis

American artist based in Paris, Sean McGinnis shows us his last installation called "Cathedral", a ship made of rope and twine, woven between trees in a forest road. An achievement in

02.06.10 Diffraction by Voss

Based in Marseille, Voss is a creative studio founded by Etienne Rey and Laurent Le Bourhis. Working from resins, paper, acrylic, glass and polymers, both visual artists play with light,

19.04.10 Next by Pierre-Arnaud Gillet

With its "Next" series, the photographer Pierre-Arnaud Gillet looks at one of the most striking phenomena of the Internet in recent months:, dialogue random website with webcam. Using and diverting the concept, he photographed

07.04.10 Alveoli Vol.1 & Vol.2 by Jean-Pierre Attal

Between art and social archeology, the Parisian photographer Jean-Pierre Attal observes contemporary architecture offices. Behind the glass facades, as in a hive, life unfolds, teeming, countless, anonymous.

05.04.10 Rooms with texts by Denis Pondruel

With this series of sculptures, the artist has imagined Denis Pondruel miniature concrete architectures. Taken in the mass, optical fibers scatter light in the cavities and rooms, drawing some words borrowed from

05.04.10 Hexa Solid Rock by Frederic Plateus

The Belgian artist Frédéric Plateus signs this sculpture made of lacquered MDF and shimmery steel. Its sharp volumes unfold in space, playing on reflections and disturbing our perceptions.

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