20.11.09 Optical fibers by Carlo Bernardini

In Milan, the Litta Palace, Carlo Bernardini created an installation of optical fibers, a light trace in 3 dimensions that dialogue with the architecture and sculpts space. On this occasion, discover some of the creations of the Italian artist.

17.11.09 Ben Thomas and Tilt Shift

Australian photographer Ben Thomas is considered one of the Tilt Shift photography specialists, this technique to provide images of real scenes photographs of models of gaits. On the occasion of an exhibition of his photographs in Paris, we invite you to discover his work.

13.11.09 Facilities Rebecca Ward

Artist based in Austin Texas, and Rebecca Ward braid weaves long pieces of colored tapes in his site-specific installations.

05.11.09 Flame (Gate) by Yochai Matos

isarélien artist based in Tel Aviv, Yochai Matos realizes light installations. Discover its creation "Flame (Gate)", between sculpture and architecture.

03.11.09 City Map Cuts de Karen O'Leary

This American artist patiently cutting city maps, leaving only the network of streets and public spaces. Urban laces that offer us a different look at Paris and New York.

31.10.09 Rediscover the anonymous architecture

Photographer and painter German, Sven Hamann raises his gaze on the common architecture and everyday. Almost abstract, facades details of photographs reveal the beauty. Sometimes unexpected beauty.

29.10.09 multicolored stairs

In Wuppertal, Germany, a staircase slips between the buildings: 112 colored steps painted by the artist Horst Gläsker. Piranesian and tangy.

27.10.09 Circle and following bursts

Conducted last summer in Vercorin Switzerland, the work "Circle and following bursts" Felice Varini plays on perspectives and takes possession of the landscape and architecture.

23.10.09 The daily light

Discovered over the web, the pictures of Alla Nestulova. In the domestic sphere, the Russian photographer reveals the simple, quiet beauty of everyday life, seized these fleeting moments, these intense and ephemeral lights, almost unreal.

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