02.09.09 The Ruins of Detroit

Photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre immortalize architectures in ruins and abandoned. Clichés with icy beauty, poetic and dramatic. Check out their latest series dedicated to the "Motor City".

27.08.09 Giorgio Fochesato on Route 66

The Italian photographer has traveled the legendary Route 66 goal in hand. Posing on it a poetic and personal look, it makes us share today his shots.

13.07.09 sacred spaces

German photographer based in New York, Christoph Morlinghaus devotes part of his work in architectural photography. It passions include the blanks, purified, disproportionate. Check out some pictures taken from a series devoted to the churches.

09.07.09 The Economist: Thinking Space

The British weekly The Economist has launched a website revealing all in 3D creative workspaces and policymakers. Spectacular, intimate and inspiring.

29.06.09 Mini Capsule Hotel Atelier Van Lieshout of

Exhibited during the Design Miami / Basel 2009, this hotel is the work of the collective of Dutch designers. A creation at the crossroads of art and architecture that Brad Pitt has also bought.

15.06.09 electronic cities

Viennese artist and photographer, Hubert Blanz consists of urban landscapes and imaginary city plans by assembling old electronic components.

22.05.09 Tilt-Shift Your Photos with a few clicks

To discover a website that allows you to create your photos "Tilt-Shift" just and free. or how to give your shots airs photos of models in an instant.

21.05.09 Dispatchwork in Berlin by Jan Vormann

Using Lego bricks, the German artist in January Vormann fills holes and cracks in the Berlin Wall. A minor operation in walls steeped in history.

15.05.09 "The little papers" by Simon Schubert

The German artist Simon Schubert gives life to architecture, interior or exterior views, from single sheets of paper folded subtly.

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