Discovered over the web, the pictures of Alla Nestulova. In the domestic sphere, the Russian photographer reveals the simple, quiet beauty of everyday life, seized these fleeting moments, these intense and ephemeral lights, almost unreal.

Views on Today and Tomorrow, these photographs wholesale airstrips plan Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Traces of movement to stop energy of the moment frozen in time.

Aakash Nihalani draws the city and reveals insights and unexpected depths. Discover the streets of New York's graffiti temporary and reversible, made of adhesive strips.

  On the occasion of the first edition of Ingravid Festival, the cultural association Telenoika conducted the projection on the facade of the theater El Jardí Figueras. Impressive.

At the Neuchâtel Art Center, Kilian Rüthermann and Niklaus Wenger restyl the walls by peeling them. A reflection on the destruction and the fragment, on the matter, the surface and the flesh.

  Japanese interior architecture firm, Wonderwall presents its achievements online and dramatically dynamic. At the intersection of 2D and 3D.

    Hungarian artist based in Brooklyn, Edina Tokodi form with Jozsef Toth-Valyi creative duo Mosstika. Discover "Luscious Living Wall", their latest creation, plant exterior wall panel and scalable.

Initiated by the journalist and illustrator Gabriel Campanario Seattle, Urban Sketchers is a global network of artists drawing their cities or those they pass through. Sketches and looks to discover.

Andrew Lipson and Daniel Shiu have made Lego replicas of imaginary and impossible constructions designed by Dutch artist Maurits Cornelis Escher.

  NuFormer Digital Media, creative agency and communication Netherlands, performs some amazing video projections on architectures 3 dimensions. The effects are striking are: colored lights and dancing, transformation or even simulated building collapse.
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