Suspended in the center of the palace of the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida, the complex curvilinear installation Marc Fornes and his studio The Very Many, deploys its network of tubular and tree limbs. The perforated aluminum structure consists of a huge chain Y-branches that join in the manner of an organic fabric whose fibers intertwine and mingle in no apparent order.

The footbridge designed by SPACES Architecture spans the Ire, the Regional Natural Park of the Bauges river in Haute Savoie. This naive construction, clear and raw wood assembly, seems delicately placed on the bed of the river, and touching its surface.

It is at home Centquatre has elected the festival of young European photography. Springboard for young photographers from 2011, and forward-looking, innovative laboratory of contemporary creativity, Traffic (s) offers a fresh perspective on Europe through photography. Its mission is to bring out the talents and create a network of European structures.

Formerly emblem of overconsumption, this large area located in the Parisian center will soon be reinvested as a place of temporary artistic life. This retraining embodies the rejection of mass culture and the desire to reconnect with the principles of uniqueness and expression.

There is some time Norwegian artist Per Kristian Nygård invested walls na noplace Gallery in Oslo with a work entitled Not Red Green Goal. His gesture reverse roles and directed the intrusion of nature within a building. Fertile land planted clumps of grass covers the surface of the gallery.

NSK Ltd is a manufacturer of bearings. On the occasion of 100 years the company artist Emmanuelle Moureaux partnered with them to create an installation intoxicating colors. Symbolizing a garden with thousands of paper flowers of all colors, the artist immerses visitors in a colorful poetry.

The architects 30 exhibition was designed by the architecture firm Bernard Marion. It presents under the metal vaults flag Arsenal an imaginary museum where 30 architects were invited to present their conceptual and theoretical approaches with original elements.

Kim Soo Youn studio Boundaries architects designed and built a facility in Seoul for the Sejong Art Center. Woven long and colorful cables strung between white steel structures it builds and expresses the heat generated by the twists and material movements. The project will also be the backdrop of musical events that will occur before the Sejong Art Center.

For its second edition, A Sunday in the Gallery invites you to discover the diversity of exhibits in 100 art galleries in Paris, which will be exceptionally open on Sunday, November 27 between 12h and 19h. The aim is to bring gallery owners, collectors and the general public on the occasion of a friendly moment of discovery and exchange.

The artist David Moreno used wooden sticks to create complex and blended architectural sculptures in an abstract landscape. The stems are perceived as lines pencil of different lengths. Thus, these models are the depth and offer light illusion of weightlessness.
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