freelance art director and photographer Patrick Hahne alias "Stay Frosty" is walking from San Francisco to Cuba via Cape Town.

Artist and designer based in Minneapolis, Mel Nguyen created experimental works inspired by the world of painting.

For its 7ème edition, the Festival of Lively Architecture in Montpellier hosts the Laval University in Quebec represented by the Collective of the Range.

The architects Giuseppe Morando and Arianna Russo unveil "Open Circus", their latest plastic experiments. Between art, design and architecture, these prototype micro-architectures are handmade from recycled ceramics, enamel and packaging nets.

Until June 16 2012, the Parisian gallery Frank Elbaz presents "The Buried Works" Davide Balula. With this facility consists of land, water and a wood floor, the artist imagined a star incubator sort of vivarium where the works are being manufactured.

At the Rice Gallery in Houston, Texas, the Japanese artist Yasuaki Onishi has made "Reverse volume of RG", a mountainous relief-like plant made of plastic film suspended from

On the streets of Madrid, Luzinterruptus of designers created the temporary installation "Bicycles owners seeking." By equipping terminals staking sidewalks of bicycle saddles lit by

The artist and light designer Gilbert French Moity recently made this sculptural installation for the Brussels boutique chocolatier Patrick Roger. In space long and narrow, light tubes
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