The designers Luzinterruptus us discover their latest installation titled "Recycling Sunday" and conducted in Warsaw. To familiarize the citizens of the city with the color code used internationally for waste separation, Luzinterruptus realized this scenography from 1000 garbage bags

For the Biennale de Bourges, the Raum architecture firm has designed the installation "La Ville Molle" in partnership with the FRAC Centre, Bourges and ENSA The Box. In this installation in urban areas, the blocks are mounted on a flexible structure and buried, they form a soft, shifting ground, sinking and

Invited by Arts Affairs, the artist Anne-Laure House was conducted in the premises of Niort Group Matelsom installation Contact. In the workspace, it materialized the lines of contact between employees with bright pink stripes, thus highlighting the communication between employees and

To Nod-A, promoting innovation agency and digital design, architecture Coudamy Paul imagined the Cabinet of Curiosities Digital, a nomadic exhibition system, removable and adaptable. Shaped stylized tree, the installation

At the S.Bensimon Gallery, the artist Bertrand Fevre exposes her creation entitled "This is not." A giant cup-shaped sculpture made of fine porcelain pieces suspended. First prize at the International Competition of Creation in Limoges Porcelain, "This is not" is published by the Raynaud Porcelain and will be presented at Gallery S.Bensimon

In Detroit, in the rubble of a burned house, Catie Newell recovered the burnt timbers and stacked them to create a space, move inwards and memory loss.

Dutch designer, Marte Haverkamp imagined series "Shadow Construction". Abstract objects that play with our perceptions and, like anamorphosis, take shape and meaning from certain angles of view, representing a piece of furniture, a chair or ladder and its shadow.

In the streets of Chaux de Fond, the Swiss-French photographer Matthew Gafsou conducted a series of shots. Fine, sensitive and clinics at the same time, they give a surreal dimension to the most mundane architectures.

Danish artist based in Copenhagen, Steen Ipsen created ceramic sculptures. Organic and traveled purposes links, his series "Tied-Up" is presented from a selection of her creations at the Gallery until NeC Nilsson and Chiglien

In the church St. Michel de Louvain in Belgium, the Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh architects have created "The Upside Dome". An installation made from long chains of steel suspended in hollow which draw
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