Between identification and kinetic art, the intervention of the designer Axel Peemoeller in the Eureka Tower offers another way to guide the visitor through the maze of underground parking.

With its work, the Swiss artist Renate Buser dusts off the art of trompe l'oeil architectural. Buildings, their angles, their facades, their roofs, are his favorite fields of play.

The London artist Christian Nold scientifically measure the emotions of citizens according to their geographical position in the city. From his studies, he draws a graphical representation of emotional territory and sketch a new analytical tool and help to urban design.

The facades of the Intercontinental Century City Hotel in Los Angeles are currently the scene of a screening by artist Kime Buzzelli. The 17-story building transforms into a giant screen for a spectacle visible from Santa Monica Beach to Century City.

As part of the Liverpool Visual Arts Biennale, Richard Wilson is working in the heart of the city. With his creation "Turning the place over", a fragment of the facade rotates 360 ° under the gaze of passers-by.

Discover a series of 78 photographs by Japanese artist Ken Ohyama. Day and night, interchanges with endless curves,
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