Dutch designer, Marte Haverkamp imagined series "Shadow Construction". Abstract objects that play with our perceptions and, like anamorphosis, take shape and meaning from certain angles of view, representing a piece of furniture, a chair or ladder and its shadow.

In the streets of Chaux de Fond, the Swiss-French photographer Matthew Gafsou conducted a series of shots. Fine, sensitive and clinics at the same time, they give a surreal dimension to the most mundane architectures.

Danish artist based in Copenhagen, Steen Ipsen created ceramic sculptures. Organic and traveled purposes links, his series "Tied-Up" is presented from a selection of her creations at the Gallery until NeC Nilsson and Chiglien

In the church St. Michel de Louvain in Belgium, the Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh architects have created "The Upside Dome". An installation made from long chains of steel suspended in hollow which draw

Exhibition and showroom dedicated to innovative glass products Quantum Glass, A Glass House is currently hosting "Trane" by Laurent Saksik. This amazing sound installation by French artist consists of 5 glass slides heated E-Glass erected on a workable, allowing

Developed by the Universities of Saarbrücken and Munich, the project "iRis" can transform and animate the facade of the ARS Electronica building in Linz, Austria. An augmented reality experience controlled by a single smartphone with a

In her installation "Rain", the Belarusian artist Stacee Kalmanovsky suspends fine droplets of glass to the son of nylon. Fell from the sky, this shower graphic and poetic seems frozen in time.

Architect and artist member of the collective 3rS, Peter Lawrence has made the installation "MetAvatar" in the festival Horizons 2010, in the Massif du Sancy in the Auvergne. A stylized cave OSB wood panels, a contemporary reinterpretation of original habitat.

American artist based in Paris, Sean McGinnis shows us his last installation called "Cathedral", a ship made of rope and twine, woven between trees in a forest road. An achievement in

Based in Marseille, Voss is a creative studio founded by Etienne Rey and Laurent Le Bourhis. Working from resins, paper, acrylic, glass and polymers, both visual artists play with light,
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