To discover a website that allows you to create your photos "Tilt-Shift" just and free. or how to give your shots airs photos of models in an instant.





As a reminder, "Tilt-Shift" that's photographic style very fashionable that gives urban or architectural photographs the appearance of models photographs. A report supprenant, playing on the development, areas of blur and sharpness.




Tiltshiftmaker therefore a usable application online without registration that allows you to create free and just your own pictures with effect "Tilt-Shift". Just download it to your original photo on website and adjust the focus on the negative zone. Watch then Overview online and click to upload your edited photo in higher resolution.




For best results, it is advisable to work from a base plate representing a global stage, type or urban panorama view for example. A so try your photos of architectural projects, your site photos, project prospects or vacation photos ...




For more information on the "Tilt-Shift", (re) discover our previous article "Smallville, the Tilt-Shift effect" and the work of Australian photographer Ben Thomas, a gender specialists. To read more, here it is.




Examples of "Tilt-Shift" pictures taken with Tiltshiftmaker :




Above: Seattle Stadium by Slightlynorth





Japonese Garden by Kida Yasuo





by Seattle Slightlynorth





Shibuya by Zemoko





Cape Town based on an original photograph of DanieVDM





Santorini from an original photography Wolfgang Staudt





Ephesius from an original photography QuartierLatin1968





Barcelona Geographyalltheway




You can find other examples in the gallery online achievements or via Flickr group.




Source: Tiltshiftmaker

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