Armed with only a cloth, the Brazilian graffiti artist Alexandre Orion Tagge by cleaning the walls blackened by pollution from a road tunnel in Sao Paulo.

As part of his "Art Less Pollution" project, the artist thus composes a negative tag, by subtraction and not by addition of material. His face mask is not here intended to protect him from paint fumes but rather from exhaust gases.

Sometimes considered a nuisance, graffiti then appears as a positive act, aiming to appropriate the city by revalorizing it and not by degrading it, also inviting us to reflect on the harmful effects of urban pollution. 

Discover an excerpt from the program:

[youtube] JwsBBIIXT0E [/ youtube]

To learn more about the work of Alexandre Orion, visit their website.

In a different kind but also to discover the "Environmental Tag". With “Mossenger”, artist Anna Garforth uses foam to compose her message on a London wall and thus offers an ecological and poetic alternative to the tags painted in our streets. Read on.

Source: Ossario

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