The architects Giuseppe Morando and Arianna Russo unveil "Open Circus", their latest plastic experiments. Between art, design and architecture, these prototype micro-architectures are handmade from recycled ceramics, enamel and packaging nets.

Light and fragile, they draw in the space of abstract landscapes, transparent volumes.


The series "Cirque Open" was presented a few weeks ago at the "Eco # Net" exhibition at the last Salone del Mobile in Milan.

On this project, Giuseppe Morando and Arianna Russo specify:

"Starting from a specific investigation on fabrics and threads, Cirque Open is a sequence of micro architectures and waved FORMED landscapes created by the unexpected transparency and the alchemy of the ceramic production. Combining two weak systems this special weaving Strengthened Produces three-dimensional patterns.

Cirque is open area and structure, sculpture and architecture at once. It tells about lightness and fragility built by recycled net, molded on sinuous trajectories to qui new life is Given. The materials used are: net from recycled food packaging and industrial waste generation, recycled ceramic, ceramic and enamel "

The "Cirque Open" prototypes were made with I-Plus.


Photos: Ettore Caruso


For more information, visit the website Giuseppe Morando and that ofArianna Russo.

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