In 2012 edition of the Festival of Lively Architecture in Montpellier, architects Adam Scales, Pierre Berthelimeau, Paul Van Den Berg imagined installation "Reframe".

Cube made of polycarbonate plates erected in the courtyard of a mansion, "Reframe" dialogue with the architecture and the visitor. Allowing themselves discover multiple angles, the installation reflects the images and lets in, and frame the views reveal details.

"By moving around the cube, a series of constant visual changes and surprising experiences of the court are revealed. At one point, 'Reframe' is a cube then a series of plates and then disappear. At another time he focuses on details of the wall environment. a dynamic that is both poetic and sensitive develops between contemporary architecture and heritage. the discovery of this object animates and activates the existing architecture. 'Reframe' proves to be not only an amazing interior / exterior, but also a vector of the receptivity of the visitor by revealing details of facades and architectural elements. the other attraction of this design concern the visitor himself who experiments constantly changes. 'Reframe' becomes a through playful interaction between visitors. by approaching, retreating or turning around the object the visitor passes from the position to see that to be seen. in the control position to that of being destabilized, and intentionally or not, he engages in an endless game to surprise and be surprised. "

For more information, visit the website Lively Architecture Festival.

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