In adulthood, some continue to assemble nostalgic passionately famous little bricks of Lego game. Giving themselves appointment on the web, they form the community of AFOL (Adult Fan of Lego for) online and expose often astonishing achievements.

Among these older children, many are those who are passionate about architecture and spend long hours reproducing the greatest classics. Thus, Matija Grguric, an architecture student in Zagreb, undertook the production of a reproduction of the Villa Savoye, built in Poissy in 1929 by Le Corbusier:

For more great photos is here.

Also discover that reproduction by Holger Matthes of the house built by Le Corbusier-Weissenhof in Stuttgart in 1927:

In a more contemporary register, discover also:

- The Beijing National Stadium, the "Bird's Nest" Herzog and De Meuron

- The National Aquatic Center of Beijing, the "Water Cube", designed by PTW Architects and Arup

Also read our recent article heating bricks with a radiator inspired design bricks Lego game.

sources: Moc Pages et Brickshelf

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