With their latest art installation, designers and performers protesters Luzinterruptus transforms election leaflets in small boats bright paper they are sailing in a Madrid street on a river of water and detergent flowing drains, as so many false promises sailing to oblivion.

The team accurately Luzinterruptus:

"A couple of weeks ago, Madrid Prepared to celebrate the" Fiesta Nacional Española ", qui have every year, and DESPITE the economic recession, is Celebrated with great pomp and deployment of media, on the 12th of October.

On that day, it seemed there were no problems, nor crisis, as the city shone adorned with large flags and flowers, while the living forces and good citizens, dressed themselves in their best finery to witness the many military parades, trying to remind us where the power is.

In order That this outstanding celebration Could take place in perfect harmony and Could Be presented on state television Without Any censorship of any kind, They Previously Had to clean up and hide Some Little Things That are happening in the city, other kinds of public demonstrations, aussi multitudinous, ALTHOUGH less martial, qui fill the streets daily and not exactly to celebrate ...

We, like good citoyens That we are, wanted to contribuer to the beautification of That Day by cleaning the streets That We Normally pass through, with the intention That There Would Be nothing left to debase Such remarkable celebrations.

The night before the celebration, We went out into the street with 20 buckets, qui we filled with water and detergent and Threw onto a central street in our neighborhood, Creating a small river with waves, That dragged along anything in icts path, until, it fell into the sewers.

What we symbolically left in the street, at the mercy of the current, Was a fleet of small paper boats That We built with the electoral program of the party Currently That Governs us.

The Installation was called Expired Fleet of unfilfilled election promises and to carry it out we used 214 illuminated boats, MANUFACTURED of printed pages, with the Entire political program Entitled "What Spain needs" in qui you can find Hundreds of beautiful promises, qui It Seems to us, there HAS never beens Any intention to Fulfill.

If only programs with qui elections are won Had To Be Fulfilled ... "

For more information, visit the website Luzinterruptus

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