The installation "Polygon Playground" is an interactive playground designed by Whitevoid. Between installation art and architecture, its volume becomes support projections and turns under the impulse of its users. A project that asks us about the possibilities of dialogue between architecture and its users.

Far from traditional playgrounds, their porticoes and their swings, Polygon Playground takes the form of a monolithic multi-faceted, between iceberg and stylized miniature mountain. Drawn by Whitevoid for the Smukfest, One of the biggest festivals of Danish music, this playground can accommodate up to 40 people invited to browse the slopes or to sit on its edges. Meanwhile, a projection system in 3 dimensions will project videos on the volume 360 °.

Between art and architecture installation, concrete and building volume becomes the support of a projection, surface, color, texture and change in real time through videos but also according to its use. Through a sensitive sensor system, the user is indeed an actor of the show. His movements in space and on the impact on media projections, their deformations, their undulations. According to his movements, the volume is well traveled in waves, flow, colors and textures. The effects are manifold: the edges are highlighted by blue light strokes, recalling the virtual universe of the science fiction film TronThe volume is covered with graphic patterns is scanned by light spheres, appears to fill water or be internally illuminated.

Check out the installation video:


For more information, visit Polygon Playground.

Source: Shape and Colour

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