With its work, the Swiss artist Renate Buser dusts off the art of trompe l'oeil architectural. Buildings, their angles, their facades, their roofs, are his favorite fields of play.

Creating amazing opportunities, Renate Buser transforms the perception of the buildings that serve as supports, diverts or reveal their hidden faces.

In his "Installation Ecublens" performed at the Polytechnic School of Lausanne, it extends the visible space and transforms the architecture, creating an unprecedented gap in the existing building. Between real and virtual, the effect is even more impressive at night, when the lit windows of the building.

With its installation "Grosser Hörsaal" Renate Buser intervenes on the terrace which surmounts the main auditorium of the University of Basel. Applying on the slab photograph sized interior of the auditorium, she realizes a form of scratched, making the invisible visible.

To learn more about Renate Buser and discover its work, visit his site.

sources: Kent Magazine et Renate Buser

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