Graffiti environnemental

With "Mossenger" Anna Garforth uses moss to compose his message on a London wall and proposes a poetic and ecological alternative to the tags painted on our streets.

25 7 from August to September 2008, held on YCN Live, international festival of young talents and artists. Organized by YCN hasLondon gence creation, communication and promotion of young artists, this event is an opportunity for the public to discover the work of a selection of unknown talents or become. In 30 cities, from London to Jakarta via New York and Stockholm, their achievements are exhibited in various venues, galleries, shops or partner agencies but also in public places, like the intervention ofAnna Garforth in London.

Place the edge of Shelford and Stoke Newington, the artist picks up a brick wall and made his support. In his address entitled "Mossenger"It uses the foam to create letters, giving shape to the text of a poem by Eleanor Stevens. Anna Garforth away graffiti, often considered an alteration of the built environment. It offers a poetic and sustainable alternative to tags made with spray paint. It makes it a tool of conquest of the city by a wild and ruderal kind. Stuck on the wall with natural and biodegradable materials, foam develops, colonizes the stand, the covers and the message disappears gradually, surrounded by greenery.

To discover the work of Anna Garforth, Visit His Site.

Source: YCN