Smallville, l'effet Tilt-Shift

Fashionable trend in the field of architectural photography, the Tilt-Shift effect is giving the illusion that real urban or architectural scenes are miniature models. Amazing results. One method to discover.

By varying the depth of field by increasing or reducing it and drawing on blur effects, the photographer produced with the Tilt-Shift effect an almost perfect illusion. Between extreme sharpness and gray areas and areas first back plans, urban landscapes and buildings photographed resemble nothing so much as finely detailed architectural models and photographed closely.

BenAustralian photographer, is a specialist in the field. Discover some of his accomplishments:

For more information, visit Ben Thomas site.

Also try other examples of Tilt-Shift photography by visiting the Flickr group "Tilt-shift miniature fakes".

The Tilt-Shift effect can be achieved by using a specific lens when shooting or, a posteriori, by image processing in Photoshop. To know how to make yourself a Tilt-Shift effect on a photograph, see this tutorial or watch this video tutorial:

Also try two examples of application of the Tilt-Shift effect to video: