La ville comme terrain de jeu

Between urban art installation and video game, Pong-Ampel invites passersby to share part until the light turns green. An original and fun way to animate the city and promote interaction and dialogue between citizens.

Ampel-Pong is a street interactive installation by artist Mirela Subirana as part of the exhibition UDK Berlin. As its name suggests, this work is a free transposition of the mythical Pong, Historical video game created in 70 years and inspired by the principle of ping pong.

Imposing waiting, the red light seems to be the ideal place to invite the city to a recreational break. Ampel with tennis, while patient before the crosswalk, the pedestrian saw appear at her feet a light bar that will serve her racket to play a game of virtual tennis with its opposite, the other side of the road. The movements of his body moves the racket, the ball crosses the road and even bounces on passing cars, making it more interactive and contextual play.

The game Pong perfectly matches this use. The expectation of a pedestrian at a red light only for a few moments, it was indeed necessary that the proposed game can be accessible to all, pleasant and playable in a short time.

The system works Ampel-Pong with an infrared camera coupled with light projectors, all to track the movements of the players and the ball.

Ampel with tennis, the game becomes a way of communicating in the city. The wait at the red light becomes a moment of sharing between passers would surely not exchanged more than a glance. The curious can even join the game in progress to team up with a partner previously unknown ...

Source: Designzen