Tetris géant à Sidney

As part of the Live Lanes - By George! Exhibition, artists from Gaffa Gallery are offering "One More Go One More Go", an urban installation inspired by the famous Tetris video game.

Until 31 January 2009, the streets of Sidney are the theater of the exhibition Live Lanes - By George!The opportunity for the visitor to discover ephemeral art installations in urban areas.

Designed by the artists of the Gaffa Gallery"One More Go One More Go" takes place on Abercrombie Lane. This installation is inspired by Tetris, the essential video game created in 1985 by Alexey Pajitnov. In this puzzle-like game, the player must build a wall by stacking multiple orthogonal bricks without leaving gaps between the elements.

Resting on the walls, giant Tetris bricks seem as if suspended in the lane. As if time had frozen, as if their fall was interrupted for a few moments.

The bricks in many shapes and bright colors seem to descend to fill the gaps of the urban grid to stack and build the city, like the wall that the player builds up during its part of Tetris.

For more photographs of the installation, visit the gallery of Justin James.

Note: Many artists, designers and architects are inspired or refer in their work to the Tetris video game. To learn more, you can discover our recent articles Tetris mosaic et Tetris House.

sources: Technabob et Justin James

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